Back to basics

HiperCSS is a framework or a web components library to build pages and sites with HTML5 and CSS. You can use Hipertextos as a resource in your projects or just to learn in a different way to build the most common web components.


  • 0 javascript needed (but works with jQuery if you want)
  • Get more than less (keep code simple, avoid dependencies)
  • CSS is for style, HTML is for content (scripts are hacks)


  • Focus on content
  • Write semantic HTML
  • Assume device-agnostic developement
  • Get rapid prototyping
  • Stop fighting against presentational classes
  • Avoid preprocessors: no LESS, no SASS
  • Stop to build cloned sites

How to

  • Write simple HTML
  • Know semantic sense of HTML tags
  • Use fluid design
  • Use presentational classes
  • Forget about impossible semantic classes
  • Use frameworks to learn
  • Create content and design at the same time


I want it red, not danger!

hiperCSS focus in:

  • A better header and metadata
  • Fluid design
  • Cleanest typography
  • Modular responsiveness
  • Recombinable classes
  • Smart use of CSS3 features
  • Smart combination of jQuery and CSS
  • Lots of components


  • Sample favicons
  • Common features included in most frameworks
  • Color skins and backgrounds
  • Assorted buttons
  • 100% fluid grid system
  • Webkit image filters
  • Basic symbol icons with HTML entities
  • SVG icons library
  • CSS animations


This framework is distributed under a MIT license. Some SVG icons included are distributed under a CC By 3.0 license.